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Most of the great entrepreneurs in the world share one habit- reading. The books that are highlighted below contain principles that you need to succeed in business.
It doesn’t matter if you already run your business or you’re just starting out; these books contain knowledge that you can apply to excel in business.

1  1. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership; John C. Maxwell

In this book, John C. Maxwell explains leadership principles.

Quick Tips you can get from this book

  • The potential success of your company is determined by your ability to lead.
  •  Great leaders are great leaders because they know how to influence others.
  •  Being influential comes from being intuitive and observant in situations that affect people. For instance, a great leader can sense when someone feels cheated.
  •  When your intuition is heightened, you can sense rising tensions and resolve issues before they start hurting your business.
  • Leadership is an acquired skill.

TIP FOR PRACTICE: Follow your own rules; it makes your team trust and follow you.

2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey

In this book, Stephen Covey talks about the importance of knowing what you want to achieve and making sure that your actions will produce the right results.

Quick Tips you can get from this book

  • Make sure that you have a clear mission statement and a measurable long-term goal.
  • Emotional maturity will help you in life.

TIP FOR PRACTICE: Foresee the outcome of every action you’re about to take before going ahead with it.

3. Never Eat Alone; Keith Ferrazzi

In his book, Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazzi teaches the importance of networking and secrets to effective relationship building.

Quick Tips you can get from this book

  • You need support from people to be successful in business.
  • Develop sensitivity to the needs of others.
  •  Being well-connected is a great way to ensure that you will always be able to find great employment opportunities.
  • On the flip side, as an entrepreneur with a fantastic network, you can ensure that your company hires only the best possible people.

TIP FOR PRACTICE: Be genuinely interested in other people and their well being. This is a surefire path to successful business connections and collaborations.

4. You Can Negotiate Anything; Herb Cohen

In his book, Herb Cohen discusses the invaluable importance of negotiation in business.

Quick Tips you can get from this book

  • Learn to remain calm in tense and annoying situations.
  • Know the right person to speak to at the right time.

A classic example of this was when he was turned away from a hotel in Mexico because they claimed there were no available rooms. He calmly asked for the manager and asked, “Would you have a room for the President of Mexico if he showed up right now?” The manager said yes and Cohen said, “Well, the President is not coming so I’ll take his room.”

TIP FOR PRACTICE: Make your opponent invest time and effort in the negotiation. As long as he has invested in the process, he’s more likely to find a way to give you what you’re looking for.

5. All Marketers Are Liars, Guru Seth Godin

In his marketing classic All Marketers Are Liars, Guru Seth Godin explains how to tell the right stories for effective marketing.

Quick Tips you can get from this book

  •    The first step to find the right story to tell is to see things from the customer’s perspective.
  •   Though all customers are not the same, they’re not entirely different.
  • People that come from similar backgrounds tend to have similar worldviews. A good marketer would find a group of people that have a similar worldview and tell a story that speaks directly to them.
  •  Reach out to people in a genuine, meaningful way. That way, you’ll build a believable relationship that benefits both parties.

TIP FOR PRACTICE: Let your story be targeted at a small audience. Don’t try to appeal to everyone or your story wouldn’t be as powerful.

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