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It’s becoming very popular to create designs and print online. This has made it much easier for small businesses to create their own designs for business cards or other marketing collaterals. But if you’re new to this, how do you start?

More than just a card…

Before you buy your business card, you need to give it some thought. All printed business souvenirs should pass a message from your business to your customers/potential customers- especially your business card. It’s a great way to break the ice without actual conversation or it can be given as an aide memoir following a discussion.

Know the answers to these questions…

How should the card look and feel?

In branding, first impressions really count. It’s important that the way your business card looks and feels passes the correct message to your customers.

Are you going to use your business card along with other marketing materials like leaflets, flyers and letterheads? If you are, it’s important that your business card design matches the design of your other marketing materials.  Make sure you use the same company logo, colors, fonts, and graphics.

Are the details legible? Does it properly reflect what your business does? Once you’re sure about the design and content, you can now choose the type of card.

For a good balance between luxury feel and value, premium quality, it’s best to go for a 400gsm weight card. For a slick appearance, go for a gloss finish. For a more understated feel, go for a matte finish. 

Who are you targeting?

What kind of customers are you targeting? What are their tastes? What do they need to know about you and your business?

Can the needs of your customers be separated into groups? Will you need a different business card design for each one? How do you want them to experience your brand?

Where, when and how are you going to use your business card?

Will you use it more at work meetings or at exhibitions and sales pitches? Are you always going to be the one to hand it over to clients yourself? If you’re not, is there any message you’d like your clients to see on it?

How do you want people to contact you?

Prioritize the contact details that are best for you and your customers. Don’t put your WhatsApp number if you struggle to reply text messages. If you feel your customers would rather email than call, then make your email address a priority on your business card.

Be sure to include your website address on the business card so that your customers can get a better idea of your business before they decide to call or email. If there are different job roles in your business, specify the job titles under each person’s name on the business card so people can know what to talk to each person about. 

The last question is…

“What do you want your business card to do?”

The obvious answer to this question for you will probably be…To make more sales!

If you’re plan the design of your business card correctly, it can be a great tool for your business and can be the beginning of lasting business relationships and sales.

All the best in your business!

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