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If you’re a young entrepreneur, and you’re looking for a new business to start or invest in, welcome. This post is for you, as we’ll be discussing five business ideas that you can make money from in Nigeria. Here they are:

  1. Agriculture: This is one field you should really consider going into. It’s profitable and very broad, with a lot of sub sectors to choose from like fish farming, crop farming, animal husbandry, etc. Plus, agricultural produce is what is used in making everything, from plastics, to food, to clothes and building materials, meaning that there’s always a market for it because agriculture is indispensible.
  2. Education: There are lots of schools in Nigeria. The thing is, if school owners weren’t making enough money, more schools wouldn’t be springing up every day. The population keeps rising, so there’s always a market for school owners and everyone else involved in the education sector. You could do the conventional thing and start a Daycare center, Nursery, Primary or secondary school, or just tap into the sector by retailing items that aid education, or starting adult and special education centers.
  3. Retail Stores: The average person anywhere in the world needs clothes, medication and groceries. This is why new supermarkets and retail stores are opening every day- there’s always a market for them. The size of the retail store really doesn’t matter much. What matters is the availability of goods that are in high demand, and how reasonable your prices are.
  4. Restaurants: Everyone must eat. It’s a primal human need. But a lot of people, especially bachelors and those who have 9 to 5 jobs might not have the time or skills to cook. Others that know how to cook might just want to eat something with a different taste. This is why restaurants and catering businesses will continue to remain relevant.
  5. Real Estate: People build and buy houses every day. And the population keeps increasing, so there are lots of opportunities in real estate. It’s something that you can manage online by showing pictures of the property along with your contact details, and offline by taking prospective clients to see the houses physically, and you get paid for registration and commission on every apartment sold or rented.

These are just some ideas on lucrative businesses you can start up. Do you have any other ideas? Share with us in the comment section.

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