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What is a brand?

Your brand is your public persona. It’s the impression you give off to your clients. It’s the feeling your customers get when they walk through your doors. It’s the personality of your business that shows who you are to your customers, and shows them what they should expect from you.

It’s better not to try to avoid creating a brand. Why? People would still form opinions about you that could be hard to change. So, why not deliberately create an intentional brand? One that gives off the impression of you exactly the way you would like to be perceived.

What do you stand to gain from a good brand?

  1. When you deliver brand promises consistently, you earn a good reputation in the minds of your customers.
  2. When you provide customers with satisfying experiences, you create emotional and psychological bonds of loyalty.
  3. When you consistently stay top of mind in your customers’ minds with good branding, they start to look forward to the next thing you’re going to deliver. Take for instance, your favorite celebs.

When do you need to brand?

  1. When you want to launch or re-launch a company, product or service,
  2. When you want to rebuild a lost reputation (a.k.a re-brand,
  3. When you want to attract and retain new staff and talents,
  4. When you want to attract investors,
  5. When you want to unite or consolidate a group,
  6. When you want to attract customers 

Why do you need to brand?

  1. It shows your customers why your product is better than any other.
  2. It connects people through your product or service. It also connects your product or service with people and earns you customer loyalty.
  3. It adds emotional significance that exceeds the basic value of your product or service,
  4. It shows a change of ownership, direction or market, or the launch of a new product or business.

How do you make your brand a good one?

  1. Be consistent.

Good brands are consistent with their brand communication because they know that as long as they continue to pass the same message, their brands would continue to create the same impression in the customers’ minds.

  1. Capitalize on your uniqueness.

Know that thing that makes you different from the competition and use it to create an identity.

  1. Don’t complicate your brand message by making it long and difficult to decipher. Rather, keep it short and simple.

If the brand message is too complex, potential customers would either misinterpret the brand, or worse, ignore it altogether.

  1. Tell a beautiful, releatable brand story.

This would create trust and connection to the brand in the minds of customers.

  1. Make your marketing interactive and engaging.

While keeping the brand message simple, engage your audience with fun things (question and answer sessions, riddles, stories, memes that keep the brand theme in mind)- anything to keep them entertained and interested in the brand. Social media is a great way to do this.

Be real. Never ever promise more than what you can deliver.

Please share your thoughts and comments about branding with us in the comment section.

All the best in building your brand!


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