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Do you know that you can run a business by the side while you’re in school? Of course you probably know this. Maybe you’re already running one; in that case you can check out our business advice and tips we put on the blog, or you have an idea and you’re about to start out, or you really want to start something but you don’t really know what it is you want to start. If that’s you, it’s okay. This post suggests business ideas that could work well for you.

Sometimes, when students are asked why they aren’t running a business in school yet, you hear things like “I have so much to do so there’s no time”, or “The money I have isn’t sufficient to start a business”, or “What’s the point? I don’t lack anything.” So, before I talk about business ideas that could work for you as a student, you should understand why these businesses can still work for you despite these excuses constraints.

“I have so much to do so there’s no time.”

Firstly, these are side businesses that you only need a few hours for, every day. So why not use your free time to make some extra cash.

“The money I have isn’t sufficient to start a business.”

You really don’t need a lot of money to start any of these businesses.

“Why? What’s the point? I don’t lack anything.”

If you start a business while you’re still in school, you’re preparing yourself for life after school. If your side business is doing well enough, you would have a backup in case the getting a job becomes frustrating.

Although a lot of these don’t require much capital, they require skill. So learn all the skills you need to learn and do your business like you mean it. Let’s run through them.

1. Drop shipping

This is a type of retail business where you buy an item directly from a third-party and ship it directly to your customers. You don’t even need to have a physical store for your wares. All you need is the internet, and you can seal deals right in your room.

2. Teach and get paid for it.

If you really understand a tough course, why not organize tutorial classes for students in lower classes for a small fee? When a course is really tough, students might not mind paying for someone to teach it to them.

So look for a good place where you can teach, come up with a workable tutorial schedule and let your students know about the upcoming tutorials.

3. Hair styling

If you’re skilled in making hair, you can go round hostels on weekends and offer hair styling services to students for a fee. They wouldn’t mind paying for it, plus it’s at their own convenience.

4. Manicure and Pedicure

If you’re skilled at it, you can go round female hostels and offer nail fixing and designing services at affordable prices. It’s convenient for your customers and you don’t need a lot of money to buy equipment.

5. Barbing salon business

This is a very lucrative business. It might cost you more than any other business would, but once you learn it and buy equipment to get started, you can fly. If you aren’t skilled yet, you can pay to learn from someone who already runs the same business.

6. Freelance writing.

If you’re really good at writing, try out freelance sites like ODesk and Fiverr. You can also write for bloggers or start your own blog.

7. Graphic designing

If you’re good at graphic designing, create a profile for yourself on LinkedIn. Let people test your work by offering them free services sometimes. You can show off your positive feedback.

8. Catering

All you need to know is how to cook. It’s a simple arrangement where your customers want you to cook for them, they pay you and/or give you the tools for it and you cook. You don’t need a lot of money to start this. The deposit fee paid by clients is what you need to buy the materials you need.

9. Photography

If you’re passionate about photography, then maybe you can earn from it too. Target events or social gatherings, or take pictures for blogs and fashion pages. Starting from school will provide you with the contacts you need for a more rewarding career later on.

10. Baking

There’s always a reason for students to celebrate – usually birthdays and graduation events, and people always eat, so there’s always a market for baking. All you need is for you to be really good at what you do and your work will attract more clients.

Apart from these business ideas, there are still several others but these should get you started. Turn your ideas into a business and watch your money materialize. While you’re at it, remember to use social media to attract more clients.

All the best in your business!



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