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How to make your Customers happy this holiday season


According to a report by Adobe, it is much more cost effective to keep a customer than it is to find a new one. You can do much more than just sell

during the holidays, so the time preceeding Christmas is also a great opportunity to build your brand, make customers happy,  nurture

customer relationships and get visibility with intriguing content. By planning and scheduling beforehand, you can enjoy your holidays without worry.


Here are some tips for Holiday Season and Communications on Marketing;

1. An extra check-in Call

Customers love getting a call from who they purchased a product from, just to say “happy holidays.” It shows goodwill to

customers, increasing loyalty and strengthen relationship between them and the person they work with within your organisation.


2. A branded piece of Item

If you give customers more options, create a page with a few branded products to choose from, including mugs, t-shirts, branded

notepads, diaries ad so on. Allow customers to choose which one they want; everyone loves a freebie, especially when they get to

choose it themselves.


 3. A gift Card

This sounds like a boring present, but gift cards are easy to purchase online and send via email. Gift cards are easy to get and

always welcome, but if you want to be more creative, consider your industry. For example, realtors would most likely love a gfit

card from sign-making website instead. 


4. Cookies 

Most bakeries can deliver to nearby locations, so send your customers a big batch of freshly baked goodies this holiday season. You

can treat the whole office to a few cases of cookies and everyone will be able to enjoy. 

Sending these gifts has been a great way to keep that top-level connection healthy. I think it helped that the cookies were really

really good. 


5. Holiday Party

Invite everyone into your store or office space for a holiday get together if you work with customers that live in your local area.

Make sure employees are present as well, so they can enjoy some much needed non-work time with customers. Making personal

connections via casual conversation will only strengthen the business relationships you’ve already formed. Provide drinks, food and

music and plan for a 4-hour window of time.


6. Get Personal

Great customer service is about more than just solving your customer’s issue. Try going above and beyond by creating something

awesome to remind your customers why they love your business. For example, you might send out a personalized holiday card or

attach a thank you note with their products. Even though we’re in a digital world, it means a lot to receive something handwritten,

and capitalizing on the holiday spirit in this way can build a positive brand association. 


7. Wrapping Up

Offering compelling discounts with creative call-to-actions will inspire your customers to buy, but great customer service is why

they return. Remember to focus on the value that you are bringing your customers, not jut how low you can get your prices.


Show your customers some needed appreciation this holiday season, increasing loyalty and tightening relationships before moving

into the New Year. There are plenty of fun ideas you can try to make your customers happy this holiday season, so consider which will resonate most

with your customers and start spreading the holiday joy.


Check below for more ideas on how to make your customers happy and show appreciation this holiday season;


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