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During the course of their business, most entrepreneurs find out that retaining old customers is far cheaper than winning new ones. You want to keep your clients happy and coming back for more products and services, and also to refer them to every one they know. And you really do want it to happen like this every time. But, we all know it’s really not that simple.

Sometimes, you lose customers. It’s just something that happens in business. The good news is, there are smart strategies for winning them back. Here they are:

Find out the likely reasons why the customers left.

Conduct a SWOT analysis, assessing why your product or service was no longer the best option for the customer.

You’ll need to ask yourself some questions.

  •   Is the price of the product constant?
  •  What kind of product is it? Does it have close substitutes?
  •  Is the quality of the product constant?
  •  Have the competitors surpassed you?
  •  Are you close to your clients?
  •  How’s the quality of your customer service?

Get a neutral person to review for you. This would also ensure that you don’t lose more customers.

You may need to write down your plans and timelines to check in with the client.

Don’t waste time; touch base with the client politely from time to time. The client outreach, though carefully schemed by you, should appear natural to the client.

Use the “Foot-in-the-Door” tactic.

Take on smaller pieces of business till you win the clients back totally. For all the smaller projects you get, do them really well to get bigger ones in future.

Ask your clients what their needs are. Apologize for any complaints they may have, if necessary.

Improve your customer service. Let your customers know they are valued. Even when they’re not of their best behavior, be polite and civil.

Recommend a competitor when you don’t have a product or cannot offer a service, for the time being.

This impresses the customer and makes them feel as if they are very important to you, and that you are not insecure about your products and services or feel threatened by competitors.

Perform over and beyond what your customers expect from you.

Go the extra step and cut deals off the customer’s next purchase from time to time. Free gifts and discounts go a long way. Accept returns long after the stated return period. Treat customers the same way you would like to be treated if roles were reversed.

For example, if customers complain when you replace a product that they love with another, you can send some of the complaining clients a free sample of the improved product. They would be thrilled if you do this.

Get better packaging.

This is to look good and avoid unnecessary expenses caused by damage done to the product due to poor packaging.

Employ digital marketing and experiential marketing tools.

Digital marketing would ensure that your brand is consistently within sight of your target customers, and experiential marketing would make the old customers really feel, experience and form emotional connections with your brand.

Explain situations to customers.

Once they understand certain reasons behind why some changes had to be made, and why some services have to be done the way they’re done, it would go a long way in loyalty and cooperation on their part.

All the best in your business!


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