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How your design Influence your Products



Design in many ways is the face your business shows to the world. Your product/services is highly influenced by your design. That is, professional, clean compelling design immediately communicates the value of your business or product to a prospective customer. Your design creates confidence in your quality and in your professionalism. It spurs a dialogue the audience can partake in. You need to know how your design influence your products because it draws a customer in and guides them along the experience. 

Whenever you visit a new business website or social media page, the first thing you want to know is whether the page has the kind of products you’re looking for and then you go ahead to check the price list right? So you start asking yourself questions like; Do I feel comfortable with their products? Does the price really fit in or worth the product quality? What if i pay and I don’t get exactly what i paid for? Or what if this business page is a scam? 

Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it work.”- STEVE JOBS

Think about it. You know the feeling of visiting a cluttered, outdated website and the assumptions you make about the company that owns it. Are you willing to stick around or do you bounce right off the page?

Okay gather here, let’s talk. Have you ever thought about the fact that in a millisecond, customers form their perception  about your products and services based on what they see on your business page? Customers make first impression about marketing right before they even start to search for the exact product that took them to the web page or social media page.

The importance of design in marketing
Design drives Conversion

How your marketing material flows, the images you connect with your brand, the colors, shapes, and feel of your business in the eyes of the customer is often exclusively dependent on your design. 

Design makes your product Visible

If you think about the amount of advertising an average person sees on a daily basis, from social media to banners of website, you’ll agree that marketing is everywhere. Check out this page  https://startmeup.ng to get beautifully-designed marketing collaterals. To compete in the sea of social media, you need to know how your design influence your product/services. You need powerful and distinct branding. 

So marketing is the conversation you have with your customers to engage them with your product while branding is the personality that you project in that conversation. In the age of social media, excellent design can be the element that pushes your company forward. It can be the first impression you make or the differentiator of your product/service.

Design communicates your Value

Ask yourself, if a person’s first experience with your business is your marketing material, how does your design communicate your value? You only have few seconds to convince a potential customer from sticking around to learning more of your offering. You need to know that your designs influence your products. because good design creates confidence in your business. 


The effective use of design gives customers a good reason to buy from you and not from your competitors.  It’s a valuable source of differentiation. It gives your customers something to always look forward to on your business page or website. As a startup business, there are many professional graphic designers you can contact.



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