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Are you starting a business or you’ve started and thinking of acquiring the right collection of marketing collaterals to have that professional look called ‘Packaging’? You can start by getting a list of all marketing collateral items which can be visual or media that can be used to promote your brand, it can be anything from a logo or a business card.

A lot of businesses now use marketing collaterals to inform potential customers about their products/services. And one of the ways you can make the best first impression is by acquiring the right mix of marketing collaterals.

Acquiring the right mix of marketing collaterals from the onset is an advantage to the growth of your business as you will be well equipped to handle anything that comes your way.


Business Card

Get creative with your business card. You can tailor your business card to your particular business. Non-digitally, your business card is a physical appearance of your business, so you might want to include your critical information when designing your business card. Having the complete business information on your business card shows that your business is legitimate and ready for customers.Click here to choose from a wide range of business card designs.









For small businesses, a logo reflecting the value of your business is incredibly important because it is your unique brand identity. Products from popular brands like nike, estee lauder, versace are easily recognized by their logo. Your logo should be simple in design, choice of font, color, graphics and all these should bring life to your business. Your logo is the first contact your customers/clients have with you.


Stationery print is another way to incorporate your business name, logo and contact information in useful materials. Examples of which are letterheads, thank you notes, invoices. etc.






Visitors experience your website through the functionality of its design. You might want to make the best impression with an informative and functional website. Also, have a dedicated ‘contact us’ page to encourage communications.


There are many ways you can boost your product visibility and make sales just by packaging your product differently.

A product like zobo drink can be packaged differently and uniquely using a branded bottle with cap and sticker even with a small thank you note. You need to make sure that your product packaging is excellent. 

Branded Envelopes

Branded envelope is another avenue to look professional while delivering your services. You can make use of branded envelopes to stand out when sending out letters of documents. It also conveys your business contact information, it is an offline version of the email signature.


Your flyers are physical marketing collaterals that can be easily accessed by people if it is well-designed. You can also run a campaign where you distribute flyers to as many people as possible. 


In conclusion, marketing collateral can be both digital and non-digital, hence, it’s important to have the ones that meet your business needs. For more information and inquiry on marketing collateral,visit this platform (startmeup.ng) or check our instagram page.


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