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When you’re a small business owner and you’re really making things happen,
you know it.

You see a room full of strangers as a room full of opportunity.

You make every introduction with a firm handshake and smile.

You have what it takes to get customers turning their heads – and the competition shaking theirs.

You’re “owning it now.”

And that means having the look, the tools, and the confidence to make the most of every moment, from first impressions to sealing the deal – whether your business is online, on Main Street or on the go.

Are you ready?

Own the Now


You never know when opportunity will knock, but you can be ready for it – whether you’re on the job, at an event or even on the go. From business cards to banners, window decals to websites, we make it easy for you to create a cohesive set of matching marketing that works for you in every small business situation.


Look up to date and polished, whether you’re just starting out or ready to give your established business a refresh. We give you hundreds of on-trend and classic design options—easy to use, customize and add to all your marketing products.

Own the Now
Own the Now


Startmeup.ng enables you to create expertly designed custom marketing, even if you’re not a design expert – and all without blowing up your budget. And with that, you can get people to see your business the way you see it.

Get people on your page/door with these foot-traffic favorites:

Create a cohesive look that works online and off:

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