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A good product packaging isn’t trash, it’s a powerful extension of your brand.

Yes!!! You can actually beat the odds by paying attention to your product packaging. Done right, your packaging can be as memorable as the product itself.

Important FACTORS that can influence your design effectively.

  • Knowledge of your audience: You need to understand who your audience is and what they want from a product in your industry so as to design the packaging that will appeal specifically to them. For example many men naturally aren’t going to reach for something in a pink bottle.
  • Your brand Image: What do people think when they see your brand? Think about the audience here by putting yourself in their position, asking questions from different sources ensuring that you’re getting raw answers that can help.
  • The visual branding you already have established: Do you already have a website, brand name and logo? It’s important to choose packaging that will work well with what you’re already working wit, supporting your brand  instead of working against it.
  • What else is happening in your market: You want to look at what your competitors are doing. It’s good to understand what’s standard, so you can look for a design that will stand out. That being said, sometimes it’s good to stick with the status quo, if consumers expect shampoo to be sold in bottles instead of laminated envelopes, you may want to think twice about going against that.


Here are four ways product packaging can build a powerful extension of your brand.
  1. Makes you stand out

For every product in the market, there are countless brands vying for the customers attention. One way to clear the clutter and stand out in the market with your product and away from the crowd is to ensure that your product packaging is captivating. You can go incredibly bold and playful to attract attention, or tell a unique story with your packaging. You have endless possibilities to make your product packaging speak for itself.



The colors, patterns and textures that you use in your product packaging play a decisive role in your consumers purchase decision. The human brain reacts to patterns and colors in unique ways, so choose your colors wisely. Study your demographic and customize accordingly, your product packaging for maximum impact in the market.



People make their purchase decisions within seconds of being presented with the product. This is why the product packaging makes a brilliant marketing tool and a powerful extension of your brand.



Ever wondered why consumers recognize branded products in an instant? Product packaging that includes the company logo with the right fonts and colors not only boosts brand recognition but also increases  cognitive recall. So take a moment to make those minor tweaks to leave a massive impact on the consumer’s mind.


Your customers/clients are actively screening multiple products simultaneously. the most effective way to make a difference at this point of consideration is going smart with your product packaging.


Want to learn more?

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